Our Products

We offer a wide range of products within the four main pillars of the railway industry namely infrastructure materials, locomotives and locomotive parts, wagons and wagon parts and engineered goods. 

Infrastructure materials often include items such as bolts and nuts, T-bolts, coach screws, e-clips, washers, other fasteners, light and heavy-duty rails, fishplates, turnouts, rail and flange lubricators, concrete, steel and wood sleepers and welding materials just to name a few.

We supply a range of new and second-hand locomotives from America, Canada and China as well supply as their associated spare parts including being able to source parts for older locomotives.

We source a multitude of wagons such as DZ, bottom discharge, container, coal, tanker wagons amongst others and well as related spare parts such as
Complete vacuum systems including joint rings, piston rods, diaphragms, couplers, rolling rings, hoses, gland neck rings and vacuum release valves.
Air braking system (AAR and UIC) including low and high friction brakes
Draw gear including knuckles (all types), lifters, locks, pins and levers
Slack adjusters
Tapered roller bearings

We can also supply any engineered good from technical drawings or using existing standards.