Welcome to Dominex Imports and Exports!

Company History

Dominex Imports & Exports was founded in 1988 by Kirk Christodoulakis. Dominex is a family run business with experience in supplying the African market with locomotive and infrastructure parts and speciality engineered manufactured goods. Nico Christodoulakis joined the company in 2008 after studying a BCom management, marketing and finance degree from UNISA, South Africa. Nico has always been fascinated with the operation of the company and sought new ways to service and supply the African market with products and services to help our clients in achieving their goals. Yianni Christodoulakis joined in 2019 after working at a major South African bank for 5 years. After gaining corporate knowledge and skills, Yianni decided to join Dominex providing a fresh outlook and experience to compliment the existing team. 

What we do

Dominex Imports & Exports manufactures and supplies infrastructure parts, American, Canadian and Chinese locomotives including associated spare parts as well as wagon and coach parts to all SADC countries.   

Vision statement

Dominex Imports & Exports strives to be the number one supplier of railway material into Africa.

Mission statement

Dominex Imports & Exports wants to continue to supply and manufacture all the new and obsolete items that all the African railway networks use and meet the needs of all the challenges that face the railway networks in Africa.


We pride ourselves in sourcing and supplying the precise parts that are required by our clients and to date have had zero returns, an exceptional feat for any business in any industry. We believe our service is unparalleled and our attention to detail is second to none, providing a robust and memorable service to all our clients.

Founded in 1988

Broad Area of Expertise

Quality-Controlled and Tested


Suppliers of Locomotive Parts

We work with manufacturers and suppliers of locomotive parts to source high-quality products that meet the needs of our customers. We also provide consulting services to help customers select the best parts for their specific requirements, and offer technical support to ensure that the parts are installed and operated correctly.

In terms of exporting and importing,we handle all aspects of international trade, including negotiating prices, arranging shipping and transportation, and managing customs and import/export regulations. We work with customers to identify the best shipping options based on cost, speed, and reliability, and provide tracking and other logistics services to ensure that goods are delivered on time and in good condition.

Railway Steel Sleepers and Rails

Railway steel sleepers and rails are two critical components of the railway track system that work together to ensure the safe and efficient movement of trains.

Steel sleepers, also known as railroad ties, are long rectangular blocks made of steel that are placed perpendicular to the rails to provide a stable and secure base for the rails. The sleepers help to distribute the weight of the train and hold the rails in place, preventing them from shifting or moving. Steel sleepers are durable, long-lasting, and require minimal maintenance, making them an ideal choice for railway track systems.

Rails, on the other hand, are the long, narrow steel bars that form the tracks that trains run on. The rails are designed to be smooth and straight to allow for the smooth and efficient movement of trains. Rails are manufactured to exacting standards to ensure that they are strong, durable, and can withstand the heavy weight and pressure of passing trains.

Together, steel sleepers and rails form the backbone of the railway track system, providing a safe and reliable means of transportation for people and goods.

Manufacturers of Rail Wagon Parts

We specialize in the design, production, and supply of components and parts for rail wagons. We produce a wide range of parts and components, including wheels, axles, bearings, brakes, couplers, suspension systems, and other critical components that are used in the construction and operation of rail wagons.

We work closely with rail operators, wagon builders, and other stakeholders in the rail industry to develop high-quality and reliable parts that meet the specific needs of our customers. We use advanced engineering techniques and materials to design and produce parts that are durable, efficient, and safe to use in a wide range of operating conditions.