Dominex offers a complete service from placing and ordering, up to the customers delivery point. Dominex offers 35 years of knowledge experience and can help with any undertaking. 

We offer services such as, complete overhauling of Locomotives to supplying and designing Rail passenger coaches and wagons.

We specialize in the design, production, and supply of components and parts for rail wagons. We produce a wide range of parts and components, including wheels, axles, bearings, brakes, couplers, suspension systems, and other critical components that are used in the construction and operation of rail wagons.

We work closely with rail operators, wagon builders, and other stakeholders in the rail industry to develop high-quality and reliable parts that meet the specific needs of our customers. We use advanced engineering techniques and materials to design and produce parts that are durable, efficient, and safe to use in a wide range of operating conditions.

We are not limited to the services mentioned above so please feel free to contact us in regards to any and all quiries you may have.